China Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center
2019-05-13 ~ 2019-05-15
Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
Natural Health & Nut**tion Expo (NHNE) is China’s dedicated platform for meeting key industry players, including wholesalers, dist**butors, chain drugstores, and online pharmacies. NHNE, as the largest expo focusing on natural health and nut**tion products in Asia, helps global manufacturers of health food and nut**tion to promote their brands and develop business channels in Greater China.
With over 120,000 participating dist**butors and retailers, it remains the best platform for participants to source new products and gain deep insights into the Chinese market. More world-leading brands will be attending NHNE to expand their business in China and chase golden opportunities for ente**ng China’s natural health and nut**tion market.

The Chinese Health Products Market at a Glance which count**es and regions' health products are most popular for Chinese consumers? Of visitors are Dist**butors and Retailers of visitors are Managers 80% 73% and Decision Makers

Unit (Billion USD)

Over the past few years, China’s natural health and nut**tion industry has expe**enced an average year-on-year increase of nearly 20% and is projected to further expand, together with an increase in tremendous business opportunities.

Commercial Agent/Dist**butor/online Retail Platform/Cros**oarder Trader/Hospital/Chain Pharmacy/Manufacturer/Supermarket/Health Products Retailer/Mother and Baby Shop/Investing & Financing/TV Shopping/Business Consultant/R & D/Association/Government/Organization/Press/Internet/Media.

A selection of leading international brands at this year’s show NHNE is now the preferred platform for many of the world’s leading brands, and it is where the trend for this incredible industry take shape. Some of the world’s leading brands join NHNE as the only trade show they attend in China.

Where you meet more business opportunities in China

Marketing Campaigns

Through a specialized se**es of Sp**ng NHNE 2018 marketing campaigns, the NHNE team can help you take full advantage of this platform starting with the most optimal exhibition plan that efficiently promotes your company and brand to Asian clients. Our online marketing campaigns will directly convey your latest news and product information to over 55,000 NHNE online fans.

A wide va**ety of international activities

NHNE organizes an increasing number and va**ety of international activities that offer an un**valed opportunity for overseas exhibitors to promote their brands and products to professional visitors. NHNE will be carrying out both online and offline campaigns in order to have more professional visitors know your name through the activities.

NHNE Conference Programme

NHNE features the most comprehensive conference programme to date. Over 15 industry forums and more than 200 (industry-relevant) themes will be presented over three jam-packed days. Exhibitors will also have the opportunity to take part in a se**es of International seminars to both master the latest information on China's market and introduce their innovative products to Chinese customers **ght on the show floor.

Target Attendee Program

The Reed-exclusive Target Attendee Program has been specially established to gather core expo visitors. It aims to help exhibitors further expand their business, while finding the most suitable partners. More than 300 professionals from the Top 100 retail pharmacies, regional chain pharmacies, agents, and the e-commerce field will be invited to attend this exhibition. It is an efficient, convenient and complimentary service, tailored for exhibitors who are eager to open up channels for business.